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Helical Pile Engineer Article Archive

What's Wrong with this Foundation?

       by Donald Bobbit, P.E. & Wayne Rogers, P.E.

How Many Piers?

          by Gary Collins, P.E.: A clear-cut guide to helical pier spacing.

Production & Field Control of Helical Pier Installation

          by Donald Bobbitt, P.E.: The relationship of installing torque and holding capacity

Corrosion - Part 1

       by Rich Davis:  How fast does steel really corrode?

Corrosion - Part 2

       by Rich Davis:  Review of corrosion mitigation issues

What An Engineer Needs to Know - The basics of helical pier design & usage

       by Gary Seider

Capacity to Torque Correlation - Basic logic of a pre-engineered system

        by Howard Perko, Ph.D., P.E

Foundation Failures, How They are Repaired & Choosing a Contractor

        by George Runkle P.E.

Helical Piers & Polyurethane Foaming: A Logical Marriage

     by Gary L. Bowen, P.E.

A Tale of Two Projects: Drilled Shaft vs. Helical Piers  (Parts 1 - 3)

       by Rich Davis