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Groundworks Stabilizes Home with Installation of (8) Helical Piles in Tallahassee, FL

by Hannah Moulton

Long-term Customers Seek Stabilization

Over time, any home’s foundation can begin to falter. Ensuring that your home is secure is something that no homeowner should take lightly. Signs that a home’s foundation is settling include cracking in walls, sticking windows and doors, and sunken, uneven concrete. You can protect your house by lifting and stabilizing, or just stabilizing its foundation. Helical piles are one way you can achieve stabilization. A type of underpinning, helical piles are screw-shaped objects that are hydraulically rotated into the ground in order to support a home’s foundation, especially if that foundation is built on abnormal soil conditions.

In early March of 2022, Alpha Foundations– a Groundworks company – was hired to assess a home that started to sink and crack. Located in Tallahassee, FL,  the home was built in the 1950s, and had belonged to the homeowner for around 40 years. This was not the first time that Alpha had been called to stabilize the home. In 2015, the homeowners had helical piles placed along the back wall and across the front porch. This time, the homeowners wanted more stabilization, as they noticed their large window in the living area was beginning to stick and pull. Cracks were also found. These are both telltale signs of foundation settlement.

Reviewing the Area

When they arrived at the home, our inspectors assessed the area. They noted that the home was located on a steep hill in an area with a lot of clay soil. The clay in Tallahassee is red in color, which you can see in the photos taken at the site. From March to May, the weather in Tallahassee is quite warm, while there is substantial rainfall year-round. Because the area is frequently wet, the clay around the home absorbs quite a bit of water. This unstable soil causes the home to sink into the ground, causing foundation settlement.

After evaluating the property, the inspector began to check on the interior and exterior of the home. When looking for signs of foundation settlement, the inspector found cracks along the home’s brick walls. They also found that what the homeowner said about the large window was true. It was sticking and starting to also pull away from the frame. Thankfully, the homeowners noticed the issue before more damage could occur to the home’s foundation.

Stabilizing the Home

After assessing the area, the inspector decided to add 8 more helical piles to the property in the hopes of lift and stabilization. The home had settled about a ½ inch into the ground. A crew of installers excavated about 2 feet in order to get down underneath the home’s footing. An elevation between ½ inch and ¾ inch was achieved. All but two of the piles were drilled down to 17 feet. The two piles in the carport went down to only 14 feet. The team was able to drill down smoothly without running into solid ground or hard objects. After the job was done, the home was fully stabilized to the delight of the homeowner. Because of helical piles, the home should remain stable for years to come, reassuring the homeowner should they choose to stay in the future. Should the homeowner choose to sell, the property value will likely be increased.

About Groundworks

Located in Virginia Beach, VA, Groundworks® is one of the nation’s leading foundation and water management solutions company. Groundworks is fast growing company that provides residential foundation solutions, such as foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation and repair, concrete lifting, and gutter installation. With our combined brands, we have assisted nearly 1.5 million homeowners in repairing and protecting their home and livelihood. Groundworks operates more than 45 different offices. We have also been named by Qualified Remodeler Top 500, Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, BBB integrity award, and Best Places to Work.

For more information on Groundworks, check out our website:

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