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GoliathTech Quebec Franchisee Installs Helical Piles to Support 60' Tall Dinosaur Exhibits

by Marie-Pierre Ranger

October, 2018

For additional information:

GoliathTech Incorporated

175B, rue Péladeau

Magog, Québec (Canada) J1X 5G9

Toll Free: 1.855.743.4777

The GoliathTech Quebec Franchisee, Dominic Guillette (Goliath-T Mini-Excavation Inc.), recently worked on a dinosaur structure stabilization project at Woodolliparc Park.  Just twenty minutes from Quebec City bridges, the park is adorned with giant dinosaurs and animates the small town of Scott in Beauce.  The park includes (3) themes including; 1) Frimas - a Christmas theme park as exciting for adults and as for children; 2) Toxic - a theme for Halloween; and 3) Flight 315 - adventure to the dinosaurs.

Mr. Guillette won this bid for several reasons, but first and most important was the quality of the GoliathTech piles when compared to competitors’ products.  The Woodolliparc soil contained a lot of gravel and rocks of all sizes.  The competitors tried to install their piles, but they twisted or split. Thanks to the higher carbon content in the steel of the GoliathTech piles, Mr. Guillette's team managed to break through the compact, rocky ground to install the required number of piles.  In addition to having a superior helical pile product, Mr. Guillette’s experienced installation team increased chances for success immeasurably.

The objective for the project was to provide a stable deep foundation for the dinosaur displays as well as providing tension and overturning resistance from wind loads.  Some of the dinosaurs measure (60) feet in height and can weigh up to 20,000 lbs. Many of dinosaurs are equipped with mechanical equipment for producing movement and robotic effects, and these features added even more capacity requirements for the piles.

The GoliathTech unique pile heads enabled the structure to be fixed directly to the piles to further resist lateral and vertical movement of the structures. This proprietary anchor solution from GoliathTech closely follows the recommendations of CCMC (Canadian Building Code).  Mr. Guillette and his team installed (3) to (6) 2.875” (73.03mm) helical piles for most of the dinosaurs, but some of the big robotic dinosaurs required up to (12) piles.

Mr. Guillette also installed GoliathTech piles with specific heads for sea containers. These containers are used all over the park but mainly to develop the theme shops of the Park.