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A leading manufacturer and installer of helical (screw) piles, GoliathTech (, has recently extended its international reach with the opening of its new plant.

The company has been manufacturing from its facility in Magog, Quebec, since 2004, offering winning solutions for home foundations, bridges, decks, agricultural tents, patios, solar panels, wind turbines, streetlights, and more.

Now, with the new, larger facility officially operational, GoliathTech is optimizing automation processes and increasing production to accommodate markets throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

Built for - and with Trusted Technology

Situated only three kilometers from the original plant, the new facility was built in only an impressive seven months. Even more, GoliathTech is planning to use its award-winning helical (screw) piles as a foundation system for steel bollards, electric gates, solar panels, and more.

When entering the new facility, the first thing one notices is its extremely high ceilings. The impressive height accommodates new machinery that automates many facets of production, thus reducing costs and letting the company focus more on innovation.

GoliathTech CEO, Julian Reusing says “It gives us the ability to manufacture parts that other competitors simply do not have…This new plant represents a major long-term investment and will help us prepare for the expansion of our business internationally, especially in Europe, over the next 10 years.”

Leading with Sustainability

Committed to the environment, GoliathTech was careful to assess the project’s footprint before breaking ground. In addition to developing special drainage systems that wouldn’t impact groundwater, the company also cautiously proceeded with construction to have a minimal to no impact on the environment.

Moving Forward

With its growing global reach, GoliathTech is making residential, industrial, commercial, and municipal foundation projects a reality in even more complex and challenging environments.

GoliathTech’s new plant represents its unwavering commitment to optimize production that meets international demand. It’s a crucial step for a company that’s been leading the way in the most revolutionary foundation system available today. To learn more about the project and GoliathTech’s helical (screw) pile product, visit the GoliathTech website today.

GoliathTech Officially Opens Its New Manufacturing Plant

May, 2022

For additional information:

GoliathTech, Inc.

477, Boulevard Poirier

Magog, Québec (Canada) J1X 7L1

Toll Free: 1.855.743.4777

GoliathTech Helical Screw Piles