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GoliathTech Incorporated (GoliathTech) with headquarters in Magog, Quebec, Canada was recently awarded ESR-3726 from the International Code Council Evaluation Services (ICC-ES) for two of the company’s helical pile products and six of their brackets.  Click here to read ESR-3726

The two helical pile products include:

  • 2.875” (73 mm) O.D. x 0.25” (6.35 mm) Wall  Round Shaft Helical Pile
  • 3.50” (89 mm) O.D. x 0.25” (6.35 mm) Wall Round Shaft Helical Pile

The six bracket products include:

  • Type A side load brackets - GTUP278, GTUP278N, GTUP312, GTUP312N
  • Type B direct load brackets - GTBRST278, GTBRST312 for attachment to concrete foundations

Click here for GoliathTech product and application information

The ICC-ES ESR product certification provides building officials, architects, contractors, specification writers, foundation engineers and other industry professionals with the assurance that these products are manufactured to the highest standard and have passed the rigorous requirements of AC358 - the Acceptance Criteria used by ICC-ES approved testing labs and evaluating engineers.

About GoliathTech:

“GoliathTech is a multinational manufacturer of helical piles. For more than 10 years, we have combined strength with know-how to offer you the best piling solution to support your project. Manufacturer and installer of helical screw piles, GoliathTech never stops innovating so that you may benefit from unequalled quality products and services. Our network of hundreds of certified installers does more than merely carry out simple tasks. They put their vast experience to work to guarantee optimal anchoring of each pile.”

GoliathTech is Awarded ICC-ES ESR-3726 for Its 2.875” (73mm) and 3.50” (89mm) O.D. Helical Pile Products and Six Brackets

by Bill Bonekemper

October, 2017

For additional information:

GoliathTech Incorporated

175B, rue Péladeau

Magog, Québec (Canada) J1X 5G9

Toll Free: 1.855.743.4777