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Boardwalk construction often poses unique challenges due to their locations in environmentally sensitive areas or regions with soft soil conditions. 

Traditional construction methods might prove insufficient or invasive, making it crucial to seek innovative, efficient solutions with a low environmental footprint

In this regard, helical piles emerge as a powerful ally.

Helical Piles (Piers): Groundbreaking in More Ways Than One

Helical piles or screw piles, a foundation system with the design akin to large screws, offer a remarkably flexible and reliable solution for challenging construction environments. 

Their most significant advantage lies in their ability to reach stable soil strata, regardless of surface conditions. We've seen GoliathTech helical pile projects where piles were installed to a depth of more than 70 feet. They also provide dependable structural support in a variety of soil types.

The installation process is another major selling point for helical piers. Despite the considerable load capacity these piles offer, they require relatively small and light installation equipment

This allows for an intriguing method of progression: as the boardwalk's frame is being built, the installation equipment can be driven forward on this very frame. 

The result is an efficient process with reduced risk of soil disturbance or the machine getting stuck.

The Speed Factor: Screw Piles Allow for Rapid Progress

When it comes to boardwalk construction, time is often a significant constraint. Helical piles shine in this aspect as well, offering unmatched installation speed

Consider a 2-mile (approximately 3 km) boardwalk project with supports placed every 8 to 10 feet (around 3 meters). With screw piles, each 7-foot (about 2 meters) section could be installed in roughly six minutes

This swift installation pace allows for construction to proceed almost concurrently with pile installation, enhancing the project's overall efficiency.

Case Study: GoliathTech Project in Utah

For a practical illustration of the versatility and efficiency of helical piles (piers), let's delve into the GoliathTech project in Utah. 

This endeavor involved installing helical screw piles for a boardwalk located in a migratory bird refuge—a wetland presenting access and environmental challenges.

Despite the delicate environmental conditions and soft, potentially liquefiable soil, the boardwalk's helical pier foundation was completed within a week

This project's success highlighted the utility of piles in limiting environmental impact and managing difficult access points, reinforcing their status as a superior choice for similar construction projects.

In conclusion, for professionals in the construction sector, helical (screw) piles offer significant advantages in challenging boardwalk construction projects

By facilitating rapid installation and immediate buildability with minimal impact to the landscape, helical piles (piers) establish themselves as an invaluable tool in the industry, particularly for projects in sensitive environments.

Our team of certified experts at GoliathTech is always ready to provide guidance and assist you with your unique construction needs. 

To learn more about our services and expertise, we invite you to visit our website at It's packed with useful information that will help you better understand how we can make your next construction project a resounding success. 

If you're interested in becoming part of our growing global family, we encourage you to explore the exciting opportunities available as a GoliathTech Franchisee

Join us in our commitment to delivering innovative construction solutions worldwide.

The Efficacy of Helical Piles in Boardwalk Construction: An Essential Tool

for Challenging Environments

June, 2023

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