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Foundation Recovery Systems Protects and Lifts Settling Residential Patio with Helical Pile Installation in Villa Ridge, MO

by Holly Richards-Purpura

Foundation Recovery Systems

St. Louis Branch

4517 Hedge Road

Roxana, IL 62084


Protecting the Investment in a Home

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments anyone can make. It’s important to protect a home from the ground up, as what is underneath a house is just as important as the preferred aesthetic features, if not more so. Having a stable foundation is key to the health and safety of a home.

Not long after moving into their house, homeowners in Villa Ridge, MO, had a new roof installed. Shortly after, they noticed some of the shingles starting to separate. This concerned the owners who wanted to protect and maintain their investment in the new roof and the house as a whole.

While exploring what could be causing the problem, they noticed the front concrete patio seemed uneven. There also were gaps above and below a post supporting a section of the roof over the patio.

Enlisting Professional Assistance

After seeing TV ads and hearing radio spots for Foundation Recovery Systems, the homeowners contacted the company for a free inspection and estimate. They met with one of the company’s certified field inspectors, and he completed a thorough evaluation of the home.

The inspector spotted the same problems with the patio and post, and he measured for settlement. He found that the patio was sinking by 1”.

Settlement can happen for several reasons, but they all have one thing in common – the soil. If the soil fails, structures above it like a home’s foundation or concrete patio, will fail and show signs of damage, as well. Concrete patios, for example, can commonly crack and sink as the unstable soil beneath gives way and cannot support the weight of the concrete.

The inspector knew the particular issues the homeowners were experiencing could be solved by two reliable installations. He recommended first stabilizing and lifting the patio with a helical pile and then applying a state-of-the-art concrete lifting and leveling technique to the rest of the patio.

Installation Project Overview

The homeowners eagerly agreed to proceed with these repair projects to better protect their home. Two installation crews from Foundation Recovery Systems’ St. Louis branch then worked to complete the projects.

The first crew focused on the helical pile installation. There are many different kinds of foundation pile systems that can be used to address foundation settlement, but helical piles are perfect to use for lighter structures like patios.

The crew excavated and dug around a 3’ section of the patio to expose its footing. As the crew dug down to prepare for the pile installation, they found an older, broken concrete pile underneath the patio. These types of piles can crack and break when under pressure, and even in response to temperature changes, making them a flimsy repair method.

Once the failing system was removed, the crew proceeded to advance the helical pile down 5’ to more competent soil. To help further support the patio, a piece of a galvanized steel support beam was cut and placed between the pile’s foundation bracket and the bottom of the patio. Additional pressure was applied to the pile to transfer the weight of the patio onto the pier and provide lift. The patio was lifted 1”, closing all previous gaps. The excavated soil was then backfilled and tamped down.

A second crew then filled additional voids under the patio using the PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting and leveling system. Unlike traditional mudjacking that is invasive, very small holes are drilled into the concrete, and high-density polyurethane foam is pumped underneath. The material hardens under the concrete to provide stability and lift where it is needed.

Whether it’s a large commercial project, or a seemingly small job, Foundation Recovery Systems can handle a variety of foundation settlement issues. This particular project was successfully completed by the Foundation Recovery Systems crews in one day. The homeowners were pleased with the crews’ professionalism and expertise, as well as the lifting capabilities of both installations that have stabilized and protected their home.