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Foundation Recovery Systems Installs Helical Piles and Push Piers to Stabilize a Settling Residential Foundation in St. Joseph,MO

by Holly Richards-Purpura

Foundation Recovery Systems

2300 Main St., 9th Floor

Kansas City, MO 64108


Fixing to Sell

Longtime homeowners in St. Joseph, MO, were preparing to sell their house, and they wanted to address problems that have plagued them since they moved in.

The owners have dealt with nuisances like sticking doors and cracking, settling floors for 20 years, and they didn’t want the next owners to have the same headaches.

Any owners planning to sell their homes need to make sure they take a good look at the foundation of their structures. After all, the foundation is the base of the home and what supports the entire building above. Along with maintaining a safe and stable structure, owners also need to think about protecting their home’s resale value. Buyers typically want a home free of issues like sagging floors, wall cracks, sticking doors, and the like. These and other foundation problems can greatly affect the ability to sell a home, and these issues can reduce a home’s resale value by 10 to 30 percent.

Seeking Professional Advice

The homeowners knew they needed help with repairing their home, and they reached out to Foundation Recovery Systems for a free foundation inspection and estimate after seeing TV ads and researching the company online.

They then met with one of the company’s certified field inspectors who completed a thorough evaluation of the more than 40-year-old one-story ranch home with a full basement. The inspector noticed the same problems as the homeowners, including problematic windows and doors, wall cracks and gaps, and significant basement floor cracks. All of these are telltale signs of foundation settlement which is largely caused by sinking soil under and around a structure. The inspector also measured for and noted various degrees of settlement around the home.

The homeowners wanted to stabilize and lift the problematic north, east, and west areas of the foundation and the inspector recommended the perfect repair solution – a combination of helical piles and push piers. Piles, or piers, are installed in the ground underneath the foundation and driven down to more stable soil to better support the structure.

Installation Project Overview

Impressed by Foundation Recovery Systems’ reputation and their inspector’s competent assessment, the homeowners agreed to proceed with the recommended repairs. An installation crew from the company’s Kansas City branch then worked to complete the project of installing the pier/pile systems.

The crew first excavated around the home, and then down 9’ to reach the foundation footing. The 20 galvanized steel piles – 15 round-shaft helical piles and 5 push piers – were installed under the settling foundation walls, reaching depths ranging from 14’-19’ to more stable soil.

The project had depth concerns and a deck in the install area. The job was originally bid for 7 helical piles and 13 push piers but was switched to 15 helical and 5 push to keep from driving into the deep soil. The 5 push piers were installed because it was easier to work around the deck using that type of installation vs. the helical pile.

The crew was successful in installing these piles and piers in seven working days, stabilizing the home, and lifting several areas ¼ of an inch.

The homeowners were pleased with the crew’s courtesy, efficiency, skill, and the finished product. They are happy to now have a home that will be safe and stable that is protected for future owners.