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Engineered Solutions of Georgia (ESOG) Installs (39) Helical Piles for Improvements for the Meyers Solids Handling Improvements Mobile Area Water & Sewer System Mobile, AL

Installation Notes

• Required minimum installation torque: 5555 ft-lbs.

• Torque not to exceed: 7,500 ft-lbs.

• Minimum helical plate depth below ground surface is 10 feet.

• Piles may need to be installed beyond the specified depth to achieve required torque.

• After pier is installed to required depth install supplemental 6” OD x 0.375” wall steel pipe 10’ deep. Tremie grout inside of casing to provide bonding to helical pier shaft

• Install & lock off pier bracket to pier shaft per note 5 on cut sheet

• Attach bracket to footing using (2)

• Geotechnical information has been provided for the project by Thompson Engineering (Project # 21-1101-0057) If installed pier length in fluid soil exceeds 5ft contact ESOG engineering department.

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Winter, 2023

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