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ECP Installer L.G. Barcus & Sons Installs (64) Helical Piles to Help Support an 1800 Linear Feet Conveyor System in South Texas

L.G. Barcus & Sons

Phone: 800-255-0180

Fall 2020

Project Overview:

L.G. Barcus and Sons was asked to provide foundation supports for a new conveyor system (designed by Bedeschi) in South Texas that stretched over 1800 linear feet.  The project required over 600 auger cast piles, but two areas had constraints that would not allow auger cast piles.  One being head room and access below an existing conveyor system.  Second, a drainage ditch was to close too proposed pile locations. 

Hence, Helical piles were needed to carry the heavy loads. A total of (64) piles needed to be switched from Auger Cast to Helical Piles.  The helical piles had to be designed to carry an ultimate load of 140,000 lbs each.  ECP supplied 4.5” OD helical’s that went to an average install depth of 42 to 52 feet, with a torque rating of 21,000  ft-lbs.