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ECP Installer Dalinghaus Installs (22) Helical Piles to Underpin a House in Villa Park, CA that Settled 4.5 Inches

Dalinghaus Construction, Inc.

540 Crane St.

Lake Elsinor, CA 92530

Phone: 877-360-9227

Winter & Spring 2019

Project Overview:

A Villa Park, CA homeowner reached out to Dalinghaus Construction, INC after they believed their home was showing signs of settling.  There were cracks appearing all over the walls and ceiling, some being stair step cracks and others being massive shearing from floor to ceiling.  There we’re even cracks in the tiles on the floor.  After the cracks started appearing, the homeowner was advised by a friend to rip up the carpet to see if the cracks in their slab foundation ran from one side to the other.  Once they found their slab was riddled with cracks as well the homeowner scheduled a free foundation inspection to allow for measurements of the home’s slab foundation.  Mark Cook performed the initial inspection and measured a variety of elevation changes with up to -4.5 inches of settlement in the corner of the home where the largest cracks were present.

Images Revealing Significant Foundation Failure Occurred

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