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ECP and Bay Area Underpinning Team to Install (159) Helical Piles for Water Attraction at Jellystone Park in Lodi, CA

ECP (Earth Contact Products)

15612 South Keeler Terrace

Olathe, KS 66062


Bay Area Underpinning recently had the opportunity to perform a helical pile installation for Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Lodi, CA. Helical piles were specified for the Lazy River and Water Zone attraction, as the park sits below sea level and has a very high water table. After engineering review and a preliminary design by ECP, a 2.875” diameter shaft was selected for this project. The lead sections consisted of a 12”- 14”-14” flight configuration. The helicals were installed to an average depth of 27 ft. Torque values ranged from 6,000 to 8,000 ft. lbs. to satisfy the ultimate loads of 40 to 60 kips. After installation, the piles were cut to the required elevations and capped with tension caps supplied by ECP.

ECP supplied (159) piles based on the original scope of work.  Bay Area Underpinning arrived on site the day after a fairly substantial rainfall. The wet and muddy conditions made for a slow start to the job, but the GC had a crew lay down rock in front of BAU as they worked to provide a stable working surface. As the weather cleared up and the ground dried, production moved forward as planned with minimal delays.

During the project, the park’s engineering partners asked for an additional (50) helical piles to be installed to support a different section of the park. With coordination between ECP and Bay Area Underpinning, the additional piles were shipped and installed with no delays.

The Water Zone and 127,000 gallon Lazy River are scheduled to open in the Summer of 2018.

Spring 2018

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