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The Firehouse on Thomas Ave. in Emerson, NJ was in need of some help. The structural evaluation showed deficiencies. The garage floor was cracking and experiencing differential settlement to the point that it was no longer serviceable.

The evaluation’s evidence pointed to movement in several areas including the slab cracks near the garage doors, CMU cracks at the corner near the garage door, CMU cracks in the second floor IT room, exposed horizontal wall reinforcement plus differential settlement at the base of the fire escape was observed.  

The soils profile; approximately 1-1.5 feet of a thick soft layer containing organic material at about 4 to 5 feet below existing grades. The consolidation of the organic soil layer had resulted in settlement and cracking of the slab and some of the walls.  Because the building owner was focused on the slab, the soil profile under walls was not a factor in how the remediation would proceed.

Needing a 42 kip pile capacity and most important, overcoming limited overhead space, CHANCE® helical piles were chosen over Titan piles to support the new slab to be poured.

With the new poured slab estimated at 12 inches thick, CHANCE® SS175 round shaft piles with 10/12/14 helices were chosen.

Spaced no more then seven feet apart, the SS175 7ft. leads and extensions were installed to an average of 30 ft.   8”x 8” new construction caps were used to terminate the approximately fifty piles installed.

Emerson Fire Chief AJ Sottile noted, “Helical piles made the project easier since height restrictions in the working area were an issue.”

The new firehouse floor has been poured and finished. Its form and function are a point of pride for the Chief and the Emerson Fire Department.

CHANCE®, Earth Anchoring Suppliers and Infrastructure Repair Service “To the Rescue” for the Emerson Fire Department

Earth Anchoring Suppliers

by Keith Dolan

October 2020

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