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Earth Anchoring Suppliers was tapped to assist with a deep foundation solution as part of the expansive Delaware River Port Authority Walt Whitman Bridge renovations project.

Located underneath the Walt Whitman Bridge, weak soils existed at the site where a foundation for the utility building was to be constructed.  The initial plan was to excavate and replace up to fourteen feet of poor soil.  The excavation proved to be expensive and an alternate method was sought.

CHANCE helical pull-down mircropiles (HPM) created the cost effect solution needed.  Time and money was saved using the HPMs as the need to replace poor soils was averted.

Seven inch digger plates were used to create the grout column surrounding the CHANCE SS200 lead helical piles (seven foot with 8/10/12 helices) and the SS200 extensions.  The HPM were installed to approximately 30 feet.

Additionally, the CHANCE Helical Pull-down Micropiles were chosen because their increased section modulus provided the necessary buckling capacity such that end bearing would dictate failure in the loose soil and not buckling.

12" x 12" new contraction caps were used to connect the new grade beam to the grouted helical piles below.  Ultimately, time and money was saved without the need to excavate the poor soils.

Earth Anchoring Suppliers: Walt Whitman Bridge Construction Saves with the CHANCE Helical Pull-Down Micropile

Earth Anchoring Suppliers

By Keith Dolan

May, 2020