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Earth Anchoring Suppliers (EAS) ( supplies over (200) helical piles for the Raven’s Ridge wetland’s boardwalk project in Monkton, Vermont.

Our National Park Service is committed to making facilities, programs, services, and employment accessible for visitors and employees with disabilities.   All states, along with Vermont are currently updating or building new areas that are easily accessed by all.   Boardwalks are a great way to allow everyone to enjoy our State and National parks whether you are on foot or travel on wheels.

Raven’s Ridge is a picturesque hiking trail that runs through the Vermont towns of Charlotte and Hinesburg to a large wetland complex in Monkton. The land is a rocky forest refuge for a variety of wildlife providing homes to the endangered Indiana bat, bobcats on rocky outcroppings and ravens nests in cliff ledges. Wildflowers are abundant here in spring.   Lewis Creek and surrounding wetlands provide a diverse ecosystem for aquatic species.  

The newly installed 880 foot boardwalk at Raven’s Ridge meanders through the thriving wetlands is now accessible to all types of hikers.   This environmentally friendly boardwalk supported by a CHANCE helical pier foundation allows all to enjoy the wild flowers, beautiful scenery, bird watching and the sounds of nature.   Helical piers were chosen as a foundation due to the minimal disturbance to the environment. Using helical piers quickly increases the capacity and span of this.   

Over two hundred round shaft CHANCE helical piles were installed along with square shaft transitions from a CHANCE Rock-it pile to a pipe pile in the upper-most section.    Some foundations installed in very weak organic soil sections had an added battered pile to increase lateral support of the boardwalk.

With this project complete, all nature lovers will enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Raven’s Ridge boardwalk in Vermont for many years to come.  

Vermont’s Accessible Trails are Now Being Built Upon Helical Pile Foundations

Earth Anchoring Suppliers

Earth Anchoring Suppliers

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by Kellyanne Milliner