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The Project:

Frawley Stadium is preparing for their 2021 Baseball Season, in doing so they are making necessary improvements to keep this landmark a welcoming venue for seasons to come. Local installer, Breslin Contracting, worked with Earth Anchoring Suppliers (EAS) to recommend a design that would not only save time and money, but also help ensure the future of the stadium. Breslin took advantage of value engineering through the Sign & Seal Relief Program, bringing more savings for the owners.

Owned by the Delaware Stadium Corporation (DSC) and home to the Wilmington Blue Rocks who recently became affiliated with the Washington Nationals, Frawley Stadium was originally known as Legends Stadium when their gates opened to fans in April 1993. After their first season the stadium changed their name to honor Wilmington mayor and major supporter of bringing the Blue Rocks back to Wilmington, Daniel S. Frawley. The property was once part of the Christina River shipbuilding operation before being sold to DSC in 1986. Frawley Stadium has hosted many events through the years, from baseball tournaments to concerts and festivals, the stadium has seen many through its gates.

The Situation:

After years of continuing improvements and additions, Frawley Stadium created a new Home Team Clubhouse and Batter’s Eye, both of these additions required substructure support. Plans originally called for 1.75” Square Shaft helical piles with 5” grout columns. In an effort to save time and expense, Breslin submitted the plans to EAS for value engineering through their Sign & Seal Relief Program for conversion. EAS provided a design that spec’d CHANCE’s 2.875” Round Shaft Helical Piles. By modifying the plans to utilize CHANCE’s material (RS2875.276), they saved the owners valuable time while cutting costs.

The Solution:

Mike Parodi, one of the owner’s and the Operation’s Manager at Breslin Contracting, stated “This installation presented a set of challenging factors and moments that we worked with the GC to overcome.” The Home Team Clubhouse presented the challenge of tight quarters, so tight that getting the installation equipment into the location was difficult. “It took a lot of planning to complete the Clubhouse. Parodi continued, “Our machines were so close to being unable to access the area but with strategic planning and a bit of luck, we were able to access the location and get the piles installed efficiently.” Breslin’s installers were able to complete the install of the (28) piles to the required depth of 42’ before moving outside to the new Batter’s Eye.

The obstacles continued for Breslin’s crew when they began installing piles outside. While installing the first few piles his crew ran into large debris. This is not uncommon in this area of Wilmington as it was once industrialized as a shipbuilding operation and has been revitalized into this thriving riverfront district.  Mother nature presented more challenges as they were faced with a low water table and heavy rains flooded the work site. Having been excavated to 5’ below grade, Breslin brought in pumps to remove the water in the five installation areas allowing the crew to get back to work. Their team was able to use a Digga’s 16k drive head and CTS torque monitoring system on their CAT 305 to install the (40) piles to a depth of 40’.

Work continues and the Frawley Stadium project will be completed before the opening day for the Wilmington Blue Rocks. Fans, including the crew at Breslin, are eager to watch their favorite local athletes hit the field again. EAS is proud to call Breslin Contracting part of their “Family of Installers”.

CHANCE® Materials Used:

(68) Piles to a depth of 42’ +/-:

o RS2875.276 – 10”, 12”, 14” x 7’ Lead

o RS2875.276 – 7’ Extensions

o RS2875.276 – New Construction Brackets​​

Machinery Used:

CAT 305E2

Digga 16k Drive Head

CTS Torque Monitoring System

Earth Anchoring Suppliers Teams with Breslin Contracting to Continue Improving the City of Wilmington

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by Chelsea Kiesling

April 2021