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Earth Anchoring Suppliers (EAS) recently brought CHANCE executive, Phil Brackett, into the fold. Phil has had tremendous impact on the applications and growth of Helical Piles in the U.S. and Canada.  He will be instrumental in all phases of operations, concentrating on client success and innovation across the greater Northeast.

You’ve been on the forefront of the helical pile business with the CHANCE brand for 16+ years, why move to Earth Anchoring Suppliers now?

“I want to be closer-to-the-action… I pivoted to EAS because I’m excited about the forward-thinking and innovative perspective they bring to the deep foundation market… their “old school-type” commitment is important to me… always focused on the customer’s success, no matter how big or small the need.”

What’s the most impactful issue(s) you see for helical pile suppliers and customers?

“The need for innovative efficient methodologies has never been more important.  I’ve seen many, many projects that could benefit from proven applications involving helicals… but human nature is sometimes difficult to overcome and people stay with what they know… bringing tangible and bankable new solutions to a project, that were unexpected, is real adrenaline for me.”

What part of the helical pile category do you get the biggest ‘kick’ out of?

“I know it sounds clique, but I get a “kick” out the people… the relationships.  Although we’re in an engineering driven world, it’s still people solving problems with people.  The most direct “kick” I get is the feeling of trust and gratitude when you’ve struggled through a situation together with someone … things workout and everyone is better for it.”

If you could instantly change one thing about the helical pile business what would it be?

“Well, it must sound like on a “theme” or something… I would want to see a greater openness to new ideas and methods… time and time again, there have been situations I’ve been part of where a more efficient and streamline solution is available… my past experience has shown me that those who embrace innovation, even just slightly, are the individuals and teams that ultimately attract the best projects out there… I want that for all my best installers.”

“If you could time-travel back 16 years, what advice would you give yourself?

If I could travel back to 2003, I would advise myself on three things;

1. Never be dismissive of things you don’t fully understand.

2. If you want honest feedback make it “painless” for the other person to give… appreciate the effort the other guy is making.

3. Invest heavily in time travel technology… sixteen years just isn’t that long to wait.

Earth Achoring Suppliers Adds Sixteen Year Helical Pile Veteran: Five Questions and Answers with Phil Brackett

Earth Anchoring Suppliers

March 2019

by Keith Dolan

Earth Anchoring Suppliers