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CHANCE introduced the cloud-based, Version 3.0 of their HeliCAP software in 2019 – 20 years after the introduction of the software as a helical pile selection and design tool for engineers.  While the theory and analysis methods programmed into HeliCAP are not foreign to those in the geotechnical engineering world, the software undoubtedly provides the user with a means of quickly assessing the bearing capacity of a helical pile. 

Here are Nate’s Top Reasons to start using CHANCE’s HeliCAP V3.0 (if you aren’t already):

Helpful & Dependable:

  • Tools like HeliCAP are very helpful – because helical piles are available with a variety of lead helix plate configurations, shaft sizes, and helix plate strengths.  Subsurface soil conditions add to the variability, from project site to project site.  Considering all these variables, it’s apparent that a design tool like HeliCAP is very helpful in evaluating changes to CHANCE helical pile configurations, and evaluating the impact of site-specific soil conditions on those configurations.


  • It's not surprising that HeliCAP’s primary function is to perform a bearing capacity analysis that considers helix plates (i.e., bearing areas) at different depths, using conventional bearing capacity theory.  However, not many people expect to utilize “pencil and paper” every time, for such rapid analyses in 2021.  Even before joining the team at EAS, I’ve had plenty of experience using HeliCAP in selection and analysis of helical piles.  Calling “HeliCAP” a household name may be an exaggeration – but it’s difficult to find a geotechnical engineer with appreciable helical pile design experience that has not heard of or used CHANCE’s HeliCAP software.

Adaptable & Easy to Use:

  • As it is with any helpful design tool, it’s essential that the user understands the calculation process taking place “behind the scenes” in CHANCE’s HeliCAP software. * Developed and backed by CHANCE, a curious user with even a basic understanding of helical piles can trust preliminary results that get them close to identifying the optimal helical pile for their project.  More importantly, HeliCAP software offers the ability for a user to input their own soil strength parameters, in lieu of progressing with the pre-programmed empirical relationships to Standard Penetration Test (SPT) blow count.  A seasoned geotechnical engineer can have confidence in the results, allowing them to consider and input parameters that are based on their own personal experience in regional geology.

* See Section 5.5 of CHANCE’s Technical Design Manual, ed. 4.

   Click Here for Tech Manual


Cost Effective:

  • Are you interested in seeing for yourself what CHANCE’s HeliCAP software can do for you? Well, It’s free.


With CHANCE’s HeliCAP software anybody with even just a bit of curiosity about helical piles can quickly learn how CHANCE pile products can potentially be the best deep foundation solution for their project.

Interested in trying HeliCap v3.0? Register for your free account by visiting:

EAS’ Nate Seguin Gives You the Top Reasons to Use CHANCE®’s HeliCAP V3.0 Design Software

by Nate Sequin & Chelsea Kiesling

May 2021

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