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Due to environmental restrictions calling for no concrete, helical piles were chosen to anchor (11) grillages used in the construction of transmission towers on Boston’s north shore.   

With mostly organic soils the helical piles were the perfect deep foundation solution.  SS200 RCS leads that transitioned to RS3500 round shaft piles went from 60 to 90 feet deep into the organic-heavy soils in a marsh along a municipal bike path.  Foundations were installed for (8) tangent towers and (3) dead-end tower sites.   Grillages consisted of (3) piles for dead-ends and (8) piles for tangent.  It took just over two weeks to complete the work.  

Jill Bramblett, the New England Senior Executive from Earth Anchoring Suppliers noted, “Using helical piles with smaller installation equipment meant the existing power lines remained active during foundation construction, and there was minimal disturbance to existing wetlands.  This was a huge advantage in scheduling, time and of course expense.”

“The project was a great success for all involved,” added Bramblett.  EAS provided both the CHANCE helical piles and CHANCE custom grillages.   

Earth Anchoring Suppliers Helps Support Transmission Line Towers

Earth Anchoring Suppliers

March 2019

by Keith Dolan

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