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The Project:

Ocean City is a buzz with construction as the summer season begins bringing beachgoers by the droves. One project at the heart of the islands main gateway has the crew of SJ Hauck Construction busy at work. A new Bank has been slotted for the redevelopment of the property located on West Avenue. SJ Hauck worked with Earth Anchoring Suppliers (EAS) to recommend a design that would save the owner money and time. SJ Hauck also took advantage of value engineering through the EAS & CHANCE™ exclusive Sign & Seal Relief Program which brought more savings to the property owner.

Previously, the property had been one of the few auto repair shops and gas stations on the island. The business had operated at the location for over 50 years before being purchased by the new owner in November 2018. The new owner planned for the redevelopment of the location into the new bank on the main throughfare. By demolishing the remaining structures and clearing debris, the property was prepped for construction by the end of October 2019. SJ Hauck began installing the helical piles for foundation support in mid-June. Their concrete crew is ready to start building the foundation upon completion.

The Situation:

SJ Hauck turned to EAS for value engineering and benefitted from the EAS & CHANCE Sign & Seal Relief Rebate Program. EAS provided a design specifying CHANCE’s 2.875” Round Shaft Helical Piles for provision of a 60-kip ultimate capacity. By utilizing CHANCE’s material (RS2875.203) SJ Hauck saved valuable time while cutting overall costs. The design anticipated an average pile depth of 70-ft. (+/-) below existing grade. The round shaft was recommended predominantly because of buckling concerns within very soft clays. These clays were present at the site to nearly that 70-ft. depth.

The Solution:

Craig Hanson, one of SJ Hauck’s Project Managers, stated “this project has presented some obstacle’s while installing”. As the crew installed the piles with anticipated design depths approaching 60+ feet, there were “tense” moments, as installation torque values were generally very low for the soil profile, until they quickly developed. The crew worked through the initial uncertainty, becoming confident of the approximate depth and achieved the target installation torque. The project utilized CHANCE’s RS2875.203 material with their 7-ft. leads with an 8” – 10” lead helix plate configuration, and 7-ft. extensions.

As construction wraps on the two-hundred-forty-six (246) pile project, SJ Hauck looks forward to this season of projects on the island. The bank construction and finishing will continue through summer 2021. It’s planned to open before the end of the year.

CHANCE® Materials Used:

  • 2.875” O.D. x 0.203” Wall Round Shaft
  • (246) Piles to a depth of 70’ +/-:
  • RS2875.203 – 8”, 10” x 7’ Lead
  • RS2875.203 – 7’ Extensions
  • RS2875.2203 – New Construction Brackets​​

Machinery Used:

  • CAT 308E CR
  • Digga 30 ADS E90 Drive Head
  • Bobcat T770

EAS Case History: Ocean City Bank Link:

Banking on Ocean City's Construction Wave - Installer SJ Hauck Construction Works with EAS on New Bank Location

by Chelsea Kiesling

Earth Anchoring Suppliers