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Evaluating Installation Disturbance of Helical Anchors In Clay From Field Vane Tests

By Alan J. Lutenegger, John Erikson and Nicholas Williams, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

“Our work (and continued tests) suggests that helical pile and anchor installations do produce soil disturbance which probably accounts for some observed differences between compression and uplift tests.  We need to follow up now and come up with some simple practical guidelines for engineers to account for the disturbance in different soils in the design process” - Dr. Lutenegger

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This paper was originally published in the DFI Publication, Deep Foundations Institute 39th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations Proceedings.  DFI is an international technical association of firms and individuals involved in the deep foundations and related industry. To obtain a copy of this publication, go to for further information.

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