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Let The Shaking Begin

DFI Helical (Screw) Pile Seismic Testing at the UCSD Shake Table Facility in San Diego is in High Gear with the First Test Scheduled to Take Place This Week

February, 2016

by Bill Bonekemper

Dr. Amy Cerato, her team of graduate students and the helical pile installation team from Torcsill ( have been on site at the University of California San Diego shake table facility for two weeks preparing for the full-scale seismic load testing. If all continues to go well, the first test will be conducted the week of February 15.

The amount of work and especially the attention to detail that is required to get the helical piles instrumented, installed and then connected to the instrumentation has been very, very impressive.  Dr. Cerato has a blog that chronicles the various steps in the process along with some great photographs.  Here is the link to her blog - Dr.Cerato’s Blog  You can follow the process by clicking “January” then “February” on the blog site.

In addition, the UCSD test site is configured with two video cameras that provide live streaming of the work taking place.  Here is the link to the video streaming -

Seismic Study Funding & Contributions Update

A BIG Thanks Goes to These Committed Leaders - A BIG Request Goes to Others in Our Industry

It is certainly noteworthy that a rather short list of committed and involved companies have stepped up with cash and/or in-kind contributions to take the seismic study to the next level.  The list includes:

It is now time for others to be become committed and involved with this very important study that will benefit everyone in our industry.  If the sizeable number of uncommitted manufacturers, the many companies that supply the industry with equipment and materials, and the enormous number of contractors/installers would all step up with whatever amount they can afford, the remainder of this study would be funded easily.  So the HPTC is asking every company in our industry to take a few minutes to include a donation (of any size) in their 2016 budget. Approximately $130,000 in additional funds is needed.

Together we can make this happen.

If anyone has questions or would like to help with fund raising, please contact:

Bill Bonekemper

DFI - HPTC Member


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