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Danbro Delivers… Leads & Engineering Support

One of the many ways Danbro Delivers for our Installing contractors is to identify helical projects in our territory.  We get involved early to obtain the information necessary to simplify the bidding process. Danbro subscribes to several public and private on-line construction project services.  David Smith, our Leads Generation Specialist, researches helical projects and potential jobs that could possibly be converted to helicals.  “I also review leads that have bid,” David explained, “to try to find the low-bid GCs. If you bid a project, but haven’t heard anything, I’ll try to help our customers find out what’s going on.”

David also provides other lead-related services to make it easier for customers to bid the projects uncovered by building a pre-qualified bidders list of general contractors. If you’ve ever needed to find the GCs who are bidding a project from a plan holder list of 50 companies, you know how time consuming this can be.

“Helping you find, bid, and follow up on leads is my role in making the Danbro Difference for our customers,” David stated.

Often, the next step in the process for “potential” helical conversion projects is to have Steve Gencorelli, our Engineer, review the drawings and examine the job to determine if helicals are a viable alternative.  Steve has over 3,500 helical designs under his belt in the eight years he has been with Danbro.  Through our SAVE program (Soil Analysis Value Engineering), he can analyze a Geotech report and determine if he can value engineer a helical alternative.  Steve’s helical savvy is recognized by the professionals he has assisted as indicated by a recent note received from a Structural Engineer recommending him to another P.E.:

"I wanted to let you know of an excellent Helical Pile Designer/Installer for your project. He is the only Helical guy I recommend.  He has done many in the area and in fact has installed helicals at this airport site.  His contact info is below.  Please pass along to whoever needs it for your project." 

-Tony J. Digneo, PG, LEED AP

Danbro Delivers for GCs and our Installers by identifying helical opportunities early and working to simplify the bidding process.  In addition, we assess potential helical opportunities and explore with owners or their representatives to determine if a value engineered helical solution is a viable option.

by Pat Haffert

Danbro Vice President

December, 2019

Danbro Distributors

Danbro Distributors

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