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An “IDEAL” Situation

After twenty-two years representing the CHANCETM   brand of helical piers, Danbro has ventured into an exciting new era with our partnership with the IDEAL Group out of Rochester, NY. IDEAL's origins date back to 1956 with a successful contracting business in waterproofing and foundation repair. This business focused quickly led to an opportunity to grow and shape the burgeoning helical pile and micropile industries. The drilled-in displacement micropile, Stelcor, is a prime example of IDEAL's revolutionary foundation products. Like D'Angelo Brothers, Danbro's founding company, IDEAL is a multi-generational family business who built their brand with ingenuity, integrity and pride of ownership.

Our enthusiasm for our new venture with IDEAL is based on mutually shared values and a strong customer focus. Our unwavering commitment to our customer base remains. We will continue to unearth (pun intended!) more potential projects and supply the support needed for our customers to successfully bid and complete their projects. This focal point of our business model will not change. Thanks to our new IDEAL relationship, we have an expanded, potent arsenal to ensure our mutual success.... Danbro, IDEAL and most important you, our invaluable customers. The best is yet to come!

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by Pat Haffert

Danbro Vice President

September, 2017

IDEAL Group Danbro Distributors