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Located on remote Pine Island, Florida lies Gault Island. An exquisite waterfront island bordered by tidal swamps and scrubby flat woods on one side and unique waterfront houses on the inter-coastal waterway. The island’s original name was Goat Island after a dweller of St. James City sculled his boat to and from the Keys to feed his goats. It was assumed that someone changed the name or misspelled it unintentionally. The Gault Island neighborhood includes one of the few communities where you can dock your boat in your backyard and still walk or kayak through a pristine nature preserve. The Island offers beautiful waterfront vistas from the privacy of custom-built homes.

In August of 2022, Coastal Foundation Solutions was contacted by an old family friend, Joe Smith of J. F. Smith Custom Home Builders in Fort Myers, Florida. Joe does an exceptional job in constructing new coastal waterfront homes. Joe was in the process of renovating an island home and installing a new swimming pool with exceptional water features. The waterfront properties challenging subsurface soil conditions was a hindrance to the construction of the new project. After receiving a geotechnical exploration report from Velocity Engineering Services, it was determined that the new swimming pool must be placed on foundation pilings. Our experience in this coastal community and geotechnical knowledge was paramount in selecting helical pilings for the structural foundations.

Coastal Foundation Solutions was contacted to help develop a foundation solution prior to the home renovation and swimming pool addition slated to take place. After a period of deliberation, the Engineer of Record approved the use of helical pilings for the water feature project.

Once approved, our team mobilized and went to work installing fifty-seven (57) helical piles to a depth of 55 feet. This yielded 30 tons of ultimate compression, solidifying a solid foundation for the project’s upcoming construction efforts. We would like to give special thanks to J. F. Smith Construction for the opportunity to serve this wonderful organization and look forward to our continued work together on future projects.

Our Helical Piles install quickly with little to no vibration and there is no delay period after installation. This allows the contractor to pour the footers and column pads as the piling installation is finalized. Coastal Foundation Solutions is absolutely the best qualified specialty foundation contractor when piling installation is required on remote islands and Keys.

Coastal Foundation Solutions Installs (57) Helical Piles for a Residential Swimming Pool on Gault Island in Florida Keys

August, 2022

by Olivia Normandin

Coastal Foundation Solutions

Coastal Foundation Solutions, LLC

P.O. Box 248 Matlacha, FL 33993

Servicing Southwest Florida

(239) 336-4112

Number of Piles:

Specified Loads:

Pile Depth:

Helical Pile Specs:

Home Builder:

Geotechnical Engineer:


30 Tons Ultimate Compression

55 Feet

2.875” O.D. with 10-12-14 helices

J.F. Smith Construction

Velocity Engineering Services