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New CHANCE® Wireless Torque Indicator Lets You Monitor Torque Instantly on Your Smart Device

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc (HPS), an international leader in earth anchoring, has developed and released the CHANCE® Torque Indicator with Wireless Smart Device App Connectivity.

Measuring torque is the most accurate way to determine the capacity of helical piles and anchors. The installation torque-to-capacity relationship is an empirical method originally developed by the A. B. Chance Company in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. The torsion energy required to install a helical pile can be related to its ultimate capacity.

With the new CHANCE Torque Indicator, torque is displayed on base unit and instantly transmitted via Bluetooth® to Android and iOS phones and smart devices.

Using the CHANCE Torque Indicator, users can install helical piles to a pre-determined torque value, which gives a positive indication of pile holding capacity in any soil type. Installation torque of helical piles is measured up to 30,000 ft∙lb with an accuracy of ±500ft-lb at any reading.

The Indicator mounts between the Kelly bar adapter and drive tool (or locking dog assembly). The LCD display is easy to read in full daylight and gives the operators a direct readout of installation torque at all times. Users can download the Torque Indicator Remote Pro app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Multiple devices can connect to the same Base Unit on a jobsite and monitor installation torque in real time.  The app allows torque readings to be sent via email to be downloaded and saved.

To receive a quote or place an order for a CHANCE Torque Indicator with Wireless Smart Device App Connectivity, contact your local CHANCE distributor.

Read more about torque on the CHANCE Foundation Solutions blog.

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