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CHANCE® Instant Foundations for Signage, Communication & Lighting Projects or Other Above-Grade or At-Grade Applications

Skilled labor shortages, growing material disruptions and schedule conflicts are the “new normal” yet infrastructure projects are still moving forward. A CHANCE Instant Foundation for signage, communication and lighting projects can help by providing an easy-to-install solution that can be immediately loaded, thus letting progress continue.

Instant Foundations are pre-engineered helical piles specifically designed for above-grade and at-grade mounting for decorative or architectural, roadway/DOT, or area/parking lighting.

These one-piece foundation bases have high-strength pipe shafts to resist bending moments. They often can be installed through macadam surfaces.

CHANCE Instant Foundations reduce manpower, material, and mess, leaving you with a turnkey solution for efficient installation in any weather. Typically installed in 10 minutes with a two-person crew, a CHANCE Instant Foundation eliminates rebar, templates, j-bolts, 2x4 framing, Sonotube, and concrete pours.

“The new lights and foundations that were added in our Jaycee Park was a great addition to the town décor, adding more than ample light for safety and widespread visibility that really dresses up the park surroundings. The crews loved the ease of installation and quick set up to finish for the entire installation process,” said Mike, Director of Public Works, who was overseeing a recent CHANCE Instant Foundations project.

CHANCE Instant Foundations are also a sustainable choice for applications such as charging stations and solar arrays.

Approved for use by many state DOTs and in compliance with American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Section 13.0 of the Standard Specification for Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaries, and Traffic Signals.

Ready to find out more about how CHANCE Instant Foundations can save you manpower, material, and money? Contact us today!

by Brent Adams

October 2021

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