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In July of 2019 HPW published an article by GoliathTech Piles Founder and President, Julian Reusing, that detailed significant problems with the Canadian helical (screw) pile marketplace (click here to read article). The problems included:

(1) Manufacturers Taking Shortcuts to Win Projects

(2) Installers Not Installing Piles Correctly

(3) Local & National Code Officials Not Enforcing Codes and Certifications

Julian Reusing had been witnessing for years how these serious problems were having a negative impact not only on his company’s ability to compete fairly, but even more concerning was the damage being done to the credibility of helical (screw) piles in Canada.  Reusing finally hit his own wall of tolerance in 2016 and began an exhaustive effort to document these serious problems and put verifiable proof in front of code officials and the general public.

Hopefully the CCMC will soon be addressing this issue for the betterment of the helical pile industry.

About GoliathTech:

“GoliathTech is a multinational manufacturer of helical piles. For more than 15 years, we have combined strength with know-how to offer you the best piling solution to support your project. Manufacturer and installer of helical screw piles, GoliathTech never stops innovating so that you may benefit from unequalled quality products and services. Our network of hundreds of certified installers does more than merely carry out simple tasks. They put their vast experience to work to guarantee optimal anchoring of each pile.”

 Due to a demand from National Research Council Canada that HPW was in violation of certain copyright laws, we have removed references as requested

by Bill Bonekemper

June, 2020

For additional information:

GoliathTech Incorporated

175B, rue Péladeau

Magog, Québec (Canada) J1X 5G9

Toll Free: 1.855.743.4777