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HPW is pleased to welcome Breslin Contracting, Inc. to our site.  Breslin is a full-service contracting company ( that was founded in 1968 by Pat and Pete Breslin.  The company is now under the leadership of Tracy Filliben and Mike Parodi.  Breslin headquarters is located in New Castle, Delaware, and the company employs approximately (45) people. The company’s service region extends well into neighboring states.  In fact, Mike Parodi makes a point of telling potential customers that his crews will travel most anywhere along the eastern seaboard to install helical piles or to provide other company services.

The company decided to get into the business of installing helical piles and anchors in 2016 when a nearby AB Chance installer approached Breslin about purchasing his company.  “It didn’t take us long to make the decision to purchase the company’s equipment and customer list.  We had already been contemplating getting into the business, and the timing of this opportunity provided an easy decision for us to make,” said Parodi.  “Since our crews became certified by Hubbell-Chance, we have been fortunate to land many great projects that have given us a very good reputation with engineers, general contractors and clients in the area,” Parodi continued.

“We are excited to participate on the HPW website, as the site offers excellent exposure for helical pile installation companies like ours.  In addition, HPW’s credibility for providing the helical pile industry with valuable news and information plays a large role in increasing the awareness and acceptance of helical piles and anchors in the civil construction and utility markets,” Parodi added.

HPW is Pleased to Welcome Breslin Contracting, Inc. to Our Website

January, 2021