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Madam President - Audubon Environmental & Helical Piers Achieves WBE Status

Audubon Environmental & Helical Piers ( is now a certified Woman Business Enterprise, earning this designation in the States of New Jersey, Delaware, the City of New York, and the NJ/NY Port Authority and the designation of Minority Woman Business Enterprise in the State of New York.  Carla Morris has been a “hands-on” owner and majority stock holder since the inception of the company in 1998.  “John came home one day and announced he quit his job and wanted to start his own business,” Carla related.  At that time, Carla was pregnant with their fifth child.  “No money, no prospects, no job, and a baby on the way,” said Carla.  “I couldn’t think of a better time to start a new business,” joked Carla.  So, with a $27,000 home equity line of credit, Audubon Environmental was launched on a wing and a prayer.

Carla has continued to place her faith in God through thick and thin.  There has been a lot of thin.  In addition to losing John, there has been a near bankruptcy, her own debilitating/near fatal illness, her doctor’s call to end her pregnancy, and the tragic loss of a beloved granddaughter.  Despite all these set-backs, Carla never lost her faith. She was miraculously cured, refused to end her pregnancy (Sarah is in col-lege now), and Audubon Environmental & Helical Piers is thriving.

While they initially did Phase I environmental remediation work for Commerce Bank, Audubon recognized early on that helical piers increased productivity and gave them more flexibility and control of their projects.  Concrete piers were cheaper on a one to one comparison, but multiple mobilizations on multiple projects caused scheduling nightmares.  Initially, Audubon used helical subcontractors, but transitioned to do their own installations when they hired Chuck Tauscher, an experienced helical hand.  This strategic hire allowed them to also expand beyond the environmental remediation field and foray into other helical work.  In 2012, Super Storm Sandy hit the East Coast hard.  Audubon’s mastery of grouted helical piers and productivity improvements led them to become one of the leaders in helical storm work.

Danbro Distributors has supplied Audubon with helicals since the beginning, including IDEAL Foundation Products since August of 2017.  “Frank D’Angelo (Danbro President) has been a good friend and a real Angel,” said Carla. “He kept bugging me about getting my WBE designation, warning me that storm work would dry up (pun intended) eventually, just like the environmental work slowed down, and I needed to be ready for the next phase.  I’m glad he kept pestering me.”

Carla has achieved many “firsts” in her incredible personal and professional journey, including Audubon’s new designated status as a Woman Business Enterprise.  She credits her unshakable faith in helping her get through some difficult times, and, if Frank D’Angelo is indeed an Angel, then Carla is correct … God does work in mysterious ways!

Danbro Distributors is proud to partner with Carla Morris, a helical pioneer, a WBE designee, and a true survivor.

Congratulations to Carla Morris-Lombardo and Audubon for 21 years of tenacity, adaptability, and innovation!

by Pat Haffert

Danbro Vice President

August, 2018

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