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Helical Pile Manufacturers and ICC-ES - It's Time for Important Changes to AC358 and the ESR Report Format

by Bill Bonekemper

October, 2018

While attending the annual DFI conference in Anaheim, CA, Wayne Thompson of CTL|Thompson and Gary Seider of Hubbell Power Systems visited the ICC-ES Evaluation Service offices in the nearby town of Brea.  Thompson and Seider met with ICC-ES engineers Yamil Moya and Danny Wong to discuss the potential for making some important changes to AC358 - the acceptance criteria for helical piles and related products.  Moya and Wong were gracious with their time and provided great company and feedback on the evaluation process.  Both were also in favor of making the AC more “user-friendly,” as Danny Wong put it.

One of the key discussions during the visit related to improvements in the ESR report format.  According to Thompson, several helical pile manufacturers have commented recently that variations in manufacturers’ current ESR report formats have led to some discontent among design engineers.  What the engineers want is a common or standard report format across all manufacturer ESR’s.  Both Moya and Wong indicated that a common report format would be beneficial for them as well, and they believe that ICC-ES will support the idea to make format design changes. 

Thompson also commented that several helical pile manufacturers have expressed interest in re-convening the industry’s Ad-Hoc committee in an effort to settle on a common ESR report format.  Thompson added that there are probably other issues relating to AC358 that the committee desires to address as part of this project.

A meeting of the Ad-HOC is tentatively planned for December of this year to get this process started.  If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Wayne Thompson at or 970-206-9455.


Wayne Thompson, P.E. | Branch Manager

CTL | Thompson, Inc.

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Office: 970-206-9455

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