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By Gina Beim, P.E.

Founder and President of MCDA Consulting, LLC

Once upon a time in a small town in Northeast Ohio there was a concrete contractor who invented a tool that made his life of pouring concrete easier.  He wanted others to know of his invention and wanted to sell it all over the world.  

MCDA Consulting is fortunate to be part of a team who is helping this man achieve his dream.  We are conceiving and implementing a strategic marketing plan for him. Our team guided him through intellectual property issues and branding, made him a state of the art website, photographed and filmed him, wrote about him and gave him everything he needed to shine at a major exhibition.  We contacted publications all over the world to publish the press releases we wrote.  Our team still has a lot to do, from price analysis to evaluating packaging to educating him on export rules; from social media to advertising. But he’s set to launch.

At MCDA Consulting, we are really well suited to work with smaller manufacturers in the construction market.  You too can have us help you with your marketing strategy and communications.  We listen to your goals, develop a plan and oversee its implementation.  Before you know it, you’ll have a presence on the web, on social media, on print publications, trade shows and more.  And if you read our previous posts you know that going international is no problem.

We all know that selling your product or service to the world is not easy, but our inventor is well on his way.  We __ think__ he__ can.  We__ think__ he__ can.  We hope to soon say “we thought he could”!  Give us reason to root for you too.

Gina Beim, a registered professional engineer in the State of Ohio, holds Masters degrees in engineering and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.  For more than a decade she directed the marketing department of a manufacturer of testing instruments for the engineering and construction industry.  In 2007 she founded MCDA Consulting LLC, a strategy consultancy firm with expertise in marketing and decision analysis, a focus in engineering and manufacturing, and a penchant for international work (Gina is originally from Brazil and speaks multiple languages).

MCDA Consulting, LLC


The Little Inventor That Could