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Recommended Reading on Correctly Specifying Materials - a Short but Valuable Article in Modern Steel Constructiontm

by Wayne Thompson, CTL Thompson

February, 2015

Football’s over and the weather is doing wacky things, so I actually switched up my routine a little.  Normally, trade magazines arrive, I look at the cover, pretend I will read them later, and stack them neatly somewhere near a pile of file folders.  They hit the recycle bin (literally?) once the stacks becomes unstable.  Well…new year, small pile, I opened one up.  BINGO!

Okay, it wasn’t as exciting as a day at the Bingo parlor, but Modern Steel Construction just published an article entitled “Are You Properly Specifying Materials?”.  Here’s what I like.  This short article addresses almost any shape and fastener that gets ordered on a daily basis – W-shapes, tubes, pipes, bolts, nuts, washers, etc.  There are short summaries of the preferred and more available material types for each shape.  All of the information is also shown in table form, with the more available materials shaded.  So for those of you who order A36 bolts with A307 washers, you may want to click on the link.  Your suppliers might appreciate it.

Click here to access the article “Are You Properly Specifying Materials?” - Pg 17 in the February 2015 Issue

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