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SSRG Installs (9) Helical Piles as Deep Foundations for a New Building in Cincinnati's Historic Over-The-Rhine District

September, 2017

About Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine District

Built in the nineteenth century during a period of extensive German immigration, Over-the-Rhine changed as many white residents moved to the suburbs following World War II, also known as white flight. They were replaced by African Americans who came to the city in the Great Migration. The city and area had lost many of the industrial jobs which once supported its workers. By the end of the century, the area was notable for the poverty of remaining residents. In the 1980’s and early 1990’s there was much debate about whether or not to demolish and replace the historic structures, and local officials and investors decided that restoration was the right answer.  Over the last fifteen years, Over-the-Rhine has seen an enormous amount of restoration and development, and it is now believed to be the largest, most intact urban historic district in the United States.

Phase I of a 2 phase project


Due to very narrow space constraints on the site, these (9) piles were installed as deep foundations for the rear portion of the new building.  The builder will build the backside of the structure first before an additional (12) helical pile deep foundations will be installed to support the front of the building.

All (9) piles were installed to an average depth of 12 feet, and the average torque was 4500 psi to achieve the 80 kip ultimate capacity requirement.

The (9) piles were successfully installed in one day.

Phase 2 of the project is expected to begin in December, 2017.

Structural Systems Repair Group

2824 Stanton Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45206