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Ram Jack Announces New Release of Foundation SolutionsTM Software for Design Professionals

by Bill Bonekemper

September, 2013

Web-Based Software Program has Been Completely

Revised to Make It More Versatile and User Friendly

Ram Jack Foundation Solutions™ software has been designed by engineers with engineers in mind. By inputting information specific to each job, the software will calculate what helical configuration is needed to successfully complete the work.

Product features and benefits include:

  • Web-based software system
  • Online database to store all user projects
  • Accessible from anywhere and anytime
  • Professional PDF output for submittals
  • Provides approximate anticipated pile embedment depth and capacities
  • Allows custom pile diameters to be modeled
  • Default strength and unit weight values are automatically generated based on the N-values entered from the soils report. These default values are intentionally conservative but can be edited if the user has more accurate soils information.
  • I-Pad & I-Phone friendly
  • Real-time online sharing of projects between registered users

Ram Jack Foundation Solutions™ allows engineers to design and model helical piles in all soil conditions. The software allows multiple pile diameters and helix configurations to be modeled in the same soil conditions, so the optimum pile can be chosen for the required loads. The professional calculation printout includes compression and tension capacities, minimum installation torque and approximates embedment depth of the pile or anchor.

Design engineers have free access to Ram Jack Foundation Solutions™.  You can register to use the software at

Ram Jack Systems Distribution

13655 County Road 1570

Ada, OK 74820

(888) 332-9909