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PRO-DIG-USA Releases Intelli-Tork Instructional Video

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PRO-DIG-USA Releases Intelli-Tork Instructional Video

by Bill Bonekemper

March 7, 2012

A Tip of the Hat Goes to Team PRO-DIG-USA on the Release of a Very, Very Well

Done Instructional Video on Their Industry-Leading Intelli-TorkTM

Wireless Torque, Angle and Depth Monitoring System

Helical pile installers and foundation engineers - TAKE NOTE.  If you have never seen or even heard of the IntelliTorkTM product - this video is a MUST watch - IntelliTorkTM Instructional Video  This video takes the viewer through a complete step-by-step explanation of the products impressive number of features and the user operating instructions.

As previously reported on this site (see previous Intelli-Tork Article), PRO-DIG’s product clearly sets the standard for accurate, reliable and comprehensive helical pile installation data recording.  Wireless and extremely accurate torque monitoring and data uploading to industry standard software applications doesn’t get any easier than this.

The IntelliTorkTM, previously named the C440, was first introduced to the market late in 2009.  Since the initial product release, PRO-DIG-USA now offers four standard versions of IntelliTorkTM including:

H200   10,000 Ft. Lbs.

H300   25,000 Ft. Lbs.

S400   60,000 Ft. Lbs.

S600   200,000 Ft. Lbs.

Additionally, PRO-DIG-USA offers custom torque and flange units that are manufactured to customers’ specifications.

Another very important component of PRO-DIG’s overall IntelliTorkTM business model is an annual certified calibration of every IntelliTorkTM .  “Earlier this year, we completed construction of our state-of-the-art 200,000 Ft. Lb. torque bench,” Charlton noted.  “We know the helical pile industry must have accountability and quantifiable accuracy for installed piles, and installation equipment with certified calibration is essential to meet this industry requirement.  Each IntelliTorkTM system we ship is calibrated and certified to 0.3% accuracy using our torque bench, and the torque bench itself is traceable to NIST standards.  Our annual certification program insures our customers and the engineers on their projects that each and every IntelliTorkTM system is delivering certifiably accurate installation torque,” Charlton added.