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PRO-DIG-USA Announces New DTC Calibration Service

PRO-DIG-USA Announces New DTC Calibration Service

by Bill Bonekemper

October 2, 2012

PRO-DIG-USA is Announcing a New State-of-the-Art Calibration Service for

Contractors to Get Torque Motors & Intelli-TorkTM Devices Calibrated to NIST Standards

PRO-DIG-USA, ( an industry leading supplier of torque motors and the Intelli-Torktm wireless torque monitoring system (Intelli-Torktm video), is announcing another industry-leading service – DTC the company’s mark for DesignedTestedCertified.

Service includes:

  • State-of the-Art Test Bench
  • Guarantee of Stated Performance
  • Detailed Calibration Report
  • Traceable to NIST Standards

Contractors in need of calibrating or testing torque motors, augers, drive motors and Intelli-Torktm systems can now obtain DTC calibration certifications that are traceable to NIST standards - National Institute of Standards and Technology.  All products are tested for Torque Performance, Durability, Hydraulic Pressure and Flow Performance. (Read DTC Brochure)

DTC e-blast.pdf