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PENGO’S “Revolution - R Series” of Torque Motors Provide Installers with Many Great of Options

August, 2016

PENGO Attachments (, with headquarters located in Laurens, IA, proudly boasts to having one of the most comprehensive and complete line of torque motors (also known as drive motors) available for the helical pile industry. The company’s “Revolution - R Series” drives include (5) single speed, (5) two speed and (4) variable speed drives.  Helical pile installation contractors can outfit crews with handheld the RS6 and RS7 models for limited space and residential installations.  An extensive variety of other drives are available all the way up to the RV300 heavy duty motor with 302,428 ft. lbs. of torque for installing large diameter helical piles on commercial projects.

R6 & R7 Features

The RS6 has the shortest overall length and diameter in the industry while delivering over 8,000 ft. lbs. of theoretical torque and 6,750 ft. lbs. of actual torque in a compact 165 lb. footprint.  The RS6X is packed with a high-efficient gear box, cross-over pressure relief system and is TruLink compatible.  Pengo offers many mounting options for operator equipment flexibility.

The RS7 has a slightly larger footprint coming in at 170 lbs., and it offers 7,512 ft. lbs. of actual torque.

 The Complete List of Revolution Series Drives Includes:

  • RS6 & RS6X – Single Speed, 6,750 ft. lb. Actual Torque
  • RS7 & RS7X – Single Speed, 7,512 ft. lb. Actual Torque
  • RT9 – Two Speed, 4,925 ft. lb. (high speed), 9,850 ft. lb. (low speed)
  • RT12 - Two Speed, 5,723 ft. lb. (high speed), 12,330 ft. lb. (low speed)
  • RT20 - Two Speed, 11,331 ft. lb. (high speed), 22,662 ft. lb. (low speed)
  • RT30 - Two Speed, 15,234 ft. lb. (high speed), 30,470 ft. lb. (low speed)
  • RT40 - Two Speed, 18,312 ft. lb. (high speed), 41,865 ft. lb. (low speed)
  • RV100 – Variable Speed, 37,403 ft. lb. (high speed), 98,751 ft. lb. (low speed)
  • RV150 - Variable Speed, 59,747 ft. lb. (high speed), 157,741 ft. lb. (low speed)
  • RV200 - Variable Speed, 76,105 ft. lb. (high speed), 200,842 ft. lb. (low speed)
  • RV300 - Variable Speed, 93,239 ft. lb. (high speed), 302,428 ft. lb. (low speed)

Click here to learn more about the Revolution Series

TruLink® – Torque Monitor and Reporting System

In addition to this robust line of motors, Pengo offers the TruLink automated torque monitoring and reporting system.  The TruLink Torque Monitor system offers true torque readings that deliver a high degree of accuracy (+/- 2%) while providing the operator with real time data. TruLink records actual torque being applied to the helical pile, the installation angle and the depth.  Unlike other torque monitoring systems available, TruLink isolates torque values only. Downward and side load forces are omitted ensuring the data is clean.

The TruLink system comes with either a 4” or 8” digital display that mounts in the operator cab for easy viewing.  TruLink features and benefits include:

  • Displays Time & Date
  • Torque
  • Depth
  • Pile Number
  • Easily Mounts Inside Operator Cab
  • ip67 Display Housing –Rugged, Weatherproof and Shock Resistant
  • Simple Power Supply – Adapter uses Auxiliary Power Port, Cigarette Lighter

Click here to learn more about TruLink

For more information on the Revolution R Series of Anchor Drives, contact a sales professional at 1-800-599-0211.

Visit to learn more about our team, our products and our industry focus. At Pengo, your challenge is our challenge; let us be your solution provider.