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MacLean Power MPS Civil Products Group Continues as An Industry Leader with Helical Pile Building Code Certifications

by Bill Bonekemper

In August 2011, MPS Civil Group (formerly MacLean-Dixie) was awarded ESR-3032 by the International Code Council-Evaluation Services (ICC-ES).  ESR-3032 (click here to access ESR-3032) is based on evaluations according to the Acceptance Criteria 358 (AC358) for helical piles (click here to access AC358).  ESR-3032 reflects the evaluation of (4) products in the MPS Civil Products product line including:

  • D6 (1.5” RCS)
  • D7 (1.75” RCS)
  • P28 (2 7/8” Pipe)
  • P35 (3.5” Pipe)

These products reflect the majority of products listed under “conforming systems” in AC358.  Click here to access product information.

The MPS ESR-3032 report was recently updated to reflect the 2006, 2009 and 2012 IBC building codes.  

In April 2013, MPS Civil Group was awarded Los Angeles Research Report 25629 (LA RR 25629) based on the company’s ESR-3032.  LA RR 25629 includes the approval for use in the City of Los Angeles, California (4) products in the MPS Civil Dixie product line including D6, D7, P28 and P35.  RR 25629 is currently being updated to reflect the most recent LA City Building codes.  (Click here to access RR25629)

In addition, MacLean Power’s North Birmingham, AL manufacturing facility is an ISO9001:2008 accredited facility - certification #QSR-938.  

Also, MPS Civil Group engineers and representatives are active participants on industry associations and advisory boards in the helical pile industry.    

Additional information on MPS Civil Group is available at or click here to locate a distributor near you