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MacLean-Dixie MDRS Software Update

by Bill Bonekemper

February 7, 2012

Presentations to Engineers Spurs Positive

Feedback and an Important New Feature

MacLean-Dixie’s software manager, Jeff Warchall, has been a very busy man since the November, 2011 launch of the company’s MDRS software program – a very easy to use yet comprehensive software product for designing and specifying helical pile configurations for projects (see HPW article).  

Tabular Calculations Can Now be Downloaded

Warchall has been working with MacLean-Dixie distributors to coordinate live demonstrations of MDRS to groups of engineers in order to gather responses and feedback about the software.  “These interactive events have proven to be quite valuable for our team to understand just what the engineering community wants and expects from our product,” Warchall said.  “In the Design Reports section of the output screen there is now an additional file that can be downloaded called, Tabular Calculations.  This file is a print out of the calculation table that is used by MDRS to determine the pile recommendations and can be printed out and submitted for engineering review,” Warchall added.

MacLean-Dixie has plans to do several more interactive MDRS presentations for engineers across the country in the coming months.  Engineers interested in attending these presentations should contact the MacLean Dixie distributor in their region (click here to access distributor list)

Drawings for all Helical Pile and Bracket Products

Another important and time consuming task for Warchall was to complete the process of embedding the complete library of all engineering drawings of MacLean-Dixie helical piles, pile caps and bracket products.  “There are over 800 drawings in these product lines, and now engineers will have access to all of them to include in their plans and specifications,” Warchall commented.

MacLean-Dixie is making MDRS accessible to anyone by virtue of an open and unrestricted registration access from their web site – (click here to access software)

“One of our primary objectives for the MDRS software is to make it easy as possible for engineers who are not yet familiar with helical piles to configure and specify them for new construction and foundation repair projects,” said Steve Petres - Product Manager for Anchor Products.  “At the same time, the MDRS software has some advanced tools we think engineers that do have experience with helical piles will find useful as well,” Petres added.