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Hubbell Power Systems Recently Hosted a Transmission & Substation Foundations Design Seminar

In June, Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS) offered a foundation solutions seminar for transmission and substation structures. HPS Application Engineers presented on several topics related to the design and installation of helical piles for transmission and substation structures.  Attendees received an in-depth tutorial on how helical piles are designed, the advantages and disadvantages of helical piles and design examples. The classroom experience included augmenting existing structures, research and case histories. The class also compared the helical pile product and cost to other deep foundation solutions such as drilled shafts and augercast piles.

During the seminar, attendees participated in several field demonstrations including:

  • Installation and tension testing of the CHANCE® SS175 Helical Pile
  • Installation and compression testing of a HELICAL PULLDOWN® Micropile
  • Installation and lateral load test of a large diameter pipe pile
  • Installation of a Tough One® anchor with a combination pile consisting of a CHANCE® SS175 helical lead section followed by an RS3500 pile extension

For the grand finale, HPS Engineers performed a compression and lateral load test simultaneously on a four-helical pile grillage used for self-support towers.  The results exceeded load and displacement expectations in both axial and lateral tests. Contact Gary Seider, HPS Engineering Manager at for details.

Throughout the year, HPS hosts engineering seminars across the country. Gary also partners with HPS distributors to host regional seminars. Click here to find a seminar near you.

June, 2016

by Christy Witting

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