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Foundation Supportworks Announces Updates for Its HelixPro® Software Program

by Jeff Kortan

September, 2015

HelixPro®, Foundation Supportworks’ web-based helical pile and tieback design software, was originally released in the fall of 2012.  Since the original release, the software has been used for thousands of projects throughout the United States and Canada.  

With the software being web-based, minor updates and revisions are automatic.  You never have to worry about having the current version.  In 2014, a noteworthy update included video tutorials made for each step of the design process to provide design professionals with additional assistance, when needed.  These tutorials can be accessed by clicking on the red “Watch A Tutorial” button in the upper left of every screen.    

The 2015 updates include a “Search For Piles” module.  Users now have the option of using the original, more iterative process to pile design, or allowing the program to do most of the heavy lifting.  With a few basic input values, the program will determine the appropriate shaft size for the design load, the helix plate configuration, and the minimum depth at which the required capacity is achieved.  Pile configurations determined from the “Search For Piles” module can still be saved and further refined, if desired.  

When your pile or tieback design is complete, you continue through the program to generate a final report.  On this “Summary of Results” screen, you now have the option of viewing that specific pile or tieback detail (in .pdf format) and including that detail in the final report.  Generic details are available when the designer selects a custom or uncommon configuration.  Links have also been provided on this final screen for the user to access all of FSI’s online resources, including the FSI technical manual, sample product specifications, and the new product drawing library.  

Various other improvements/updates have also been made to improve functionality and ease of use.  New users can click on this link or type the following URL into the web browser: and click on the “Register Now” link.  The software will walk you through the simple registration steps.  Within two days, you should receive an email stating that your account has been activated.

Foundation Supportworks is excited to offer HelixPro® 2.0 to the design community. Please contact FSI if you have any questions about the software, or for assistance on your next helical pile or tieback application (800-281-8545).