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Foundation Supportworks Recently Announced HelixPro - Design Software for Helical Pile Projects

by Bill Bonekemper

HelixPro™ - “Helical Foundation Design Software for Professionals” was released in September of 2012 after nearly a year of design, development and programming efforts. Foundation Supportworks ( (FSI) engineers routinely travel throughout the United States and Canada to promote the use of helical foundation systems through engineering seminars and presentations. After fielding many questions about the need for design software, FSI responded by making the investment to deliver a powerful yet easy-to-use product.

HelixPro™ is a web-based software program which means users never have to worry about having the most current version. Updates are automatic. The program calculates bearing and uplift capacities of helical piles as well as tension capacities of helical tiebacks. HelixPro™ calculates pile and tieback capacities using the Individual Bearing Method. The program is ideal for analyzing both vertical and battered piles for deep foundations of new structures, seismic retrofitting applications, tension/uplift elements of guyed structures, tiedowns, and much more.

Click here to learn more about HelixProTM

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