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DFI Helical Pile Design Guide Working Group is Formed to Conduct Research & Generate an Outline

by Wayne Thompson

CTL / Thompson & DFI Member

November, 2014

In response to overwhelming demand, a working group to help develop a Helical Pile Design Guide was put together at the October DFI Helical Piles & Tiebacks Committee meeting held in Atlanta.  On November 19th, the group had its first meeting via a conference call.  As a result of that first meeting, our short term goals now include:

  • A search to look for helical design guides from other countries or groups
  • A literature review of existing design theories (already in progress)
  • Generation of an outline for the design guide

Our next conference call will be in December.  We are happy to have other volunteers.  Specifically, we are looking for the “big pile” guys.  If you measure helical pile circumference in meters and think the only place KT should be used is for the first 2 letters of a radio station, we need you.  We want to get a good, concise (20 pages?) design guide to get in the hands of engineers, and we need to make sure we cover all the bases. 

If you are interested, please email me at