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Helical Anchors, Inc. (HAI),,  with manufacturing and corporate offices located in Minneapolis, MN, is expanding the company’s sales and marketing plans in 2017 to target the utility and energy markets.  

While HAI manufactures helical pile products ranging in size from 2.375” O.D. (60.3mm) to 12.75” O.D. (323.9mm), company officials believe there will be significant interest from engineers and contractors in these markets for the 6.625” (168.3mm) and the 8.625” (219mm) helical piles.  Depending upon soil conditions, these two products are capable of overturning capacities ranging from 10,000 to 15,000 ft. lbs.  

According to company officials, these kinds of overturning capacities make the products an economical and efficient foundation solution for many utility and energy market applications street lights, sign poles, traffic lights, solar arrays and oil and gas pumping facilities.

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HAI is Preparing to Roll Out Plans to Target the Utility and Energy Markets in 2017

November, 2016

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