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Helical Anchors, Inc. is Looking for an East Coast Distributor in the U.S.

Helical Anchors, Inc. (HAI),,  with manufacturing and corporate offices located in Minneapolis, MN, is seeking a distributor for sales of the company’s line of inertia welded helical pile products on the east coast of the U.S.

According to company officials, HAI uses high quality seamless N80 or better steel tubing for their helical pile products.  The tool joints are precisely cut with CNC machines. The difference is how the tubing and the tool joint are connected.  

“We are the only helical pile manufacturer that inertia welds their piles,” said sales manager, Ryan Dungan.  “This technology originated in the oil industry, and HAI is leading the industry using this technology to manufacture our helical piles. The science of inertia welding is simple, but doing it correctly time and time again is something that requires in-depth training and rigid quality control standards.  By combining our high strength steel with this manufacturing technique, our piles can withstand higher torque capacities, which allows our clients to install smaller and less expensive piles, while at the same time achieving the capacities of our competitors’ larger diameter piles,” Dungan added.

Interested distributor candidates should call Ryan Dungan at 763-201-6526, or email us at or

by Bill Bonekemper

July, 2015

Helical Anchors, Inc.

Helical Anchors, Inc.

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Minneapolis, MN 55428

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