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Foundation Stabilizers Installs (32) Helical Piles for a Park Pavilion in Ulster New York that Overlooks the Hudson River

Foundation Stabilizers, Inc.

5 Nelson Avenue

Wappingers Falls, NY 12590


MacLean Power Ssytems - Civil Products Group

Patented Square-On-Square Coupler System

MacLean Power Ssytems - Civil Products Group

In 2015 Ulster Landing County Park officials decided to construct a 25x32 foot public-use pavilion on the banks of the Hudson River.

Architect Barry Price was contracted to design the pavilion, and his primary challenge was to design it in such a way so the force of flood waters and high winds would not move or destroy the pavilion. Helical piles were specified because they have equal resistance for both tension (uplift forces) and compression.  It was also important to design the pavilion so that flood waters would flow through it and not against it.

Foundation Stabilizers, Inc. (FSI) was the contractor of choice to install the piles.  FSI installed a total of (32) MacLean Civil Products piles - (27) 1.50” RCS and (5) 1.75” leads followed by 3.50” round shaft extensions.  The piles were installed to depths ranging from 28 to 40 feet.  The piles were cut to elevation, and new construction pile caps were installed.

All of the piles were successfully installed in five days.