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Gulf Breeze, FL Home Saved from Massive Storm Damage Because of Helical Piles

By Dave Thrasher

April, 2104

Gulf Breeze, FL:  April 29, 2014 marked the most rainfall ever recorded by the city of Pensacola when nearly 22” of rain fell over a span of about 24 hours, causing extreme flooding that wiped out roadways and completely destroyed entire neighborhoods.  A home located in Gulf Breeze, Florida was nearly swept into the ocean after the torrential rain storm swept through the Florida panhandle.  Fortunately, the home had undergone a remediation project by Alpha Foundation Specialists of Tallahassee, FL in June of 2013.  

The remediation project by Alpha involved the installation of 24 helical piles that were used to stabilize and level the home.  Because the foundation was underpinned and supported on a deep foundation with helical piles, the home and its belongings were salvaged from a complete collapse while other homes in the neighborhood were completely destroyed.  

Helical piles manufactured by Foundation Supportworks are commonly used on both residential and commercial structures to resolve the ongoing damages, inconveniences, and stability concerns caused by foundation settlement. The Gulf Breeze home repaired by Alpha Foundation Specialists was left standing because of the helical piles installed just last year.  After the storm, the piles were visible from the road and could be seen holding up the home’s foundation.  

About Alpha Foundation Specialists, Inc.:  Alpha Foundation Specialists, Inc. (Alpha) is a full service foundation specialist company that was established in North Florida in 2002.  Alpha has serviced hundreds of residential and commercial foundation problems in both new and repair applications.  Please visit to learn more about the company and read customer reviews.

About Foundation Supportworks, Inc.: Foundation Supportworks, Inc. (FSI) a leading manufacturer of foundation stabilization products used for the repair of existing structures as well as deep foundations for new construction applications. Our product line includes helical pile and helical anchor systems, push pier systems, polyurethane slab repair systems and other geotechnical construction products.  

With a network of installing contractors across the United States and Canada, we help residential and commercial property owners fix their failing foundations. Our products provide structural integrity by repairing settling, bowing, cracked, and damaged foundations.  Please visit to learn more about the company or to find a contractor local to your area.