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DIGGA's Impressive Line of Anchor Drives - Plus Several More Innovative Solutions for Helical Pile Installers

By Bill Bonekemper

December, 2017

DIGGA - From a Phone Booth to Five Plants on Three Continents

From initially operating out of a phone booth in Brisbane Caravan Park Australia in 1981, to building an international supplier of helical anchor and auger drive products, DIGGA founder Stewart Wright’s vision has grown well beyond the company’s first small factory located in Brisbane in 1982.

Suzie Wright took over as C.E.O. in 2005 and has expanded DIGGA’s operations to five manufacturing facilities on three continents including the DIGGA North America plant located in Dyersville, Iowa.  “We have grown by leaps and bounds since our Dyersville plant began operations in 2013,” said North American President, Steve Hoeger.  “In addition to our extensive line of anchor drives for the helical pile and anchor market, we provide augers, mounting frames, torque monitors, wear parts and extensions for the entire North American construction marketplace,” Hoeger added.

DIGGA Anchor Drives (Torque Motors)

With (14) anchor drives ranging in capacity from 6,000 ft. lbs. to 360,000 ft. lbs., DIGGA is clearly one of the leading suppliers of anchor drives for the helical pile industry.  The table below provides overview information for the anchor drive product line.

Gimbal Mounting System - New This Year

One of the company’s newest and most promising product introductions is the Gimbal Mounting System.  “We were receiving a significant number of requests from customers for us to come up with a solution for improving installation efficiencies on sites with low overhead clearance and limited working space,” Hoeger commented.  “Our product design team came up with a first-of-a-kind solution we call the Gimbal Mounting System.  The MM10K torque motor was our first product implementation for the Gimbal system.  This decision was the result of receiving many requests from the marketplace for an anchor drive for installing helical piles in the 6-16K torque range to use on smaller machines like mini-loaders, small skid steers and mini-excavators.  The concept of the Gimbal suspension enables the operator to have complete free pivot of the drive in all directions while mitigating the need to “dangle” the drive from a linkage.  We believe this design change is ground-breaking because it reduces the amount of vertical space the drive assembly requires and thus allows crews to install longer helical leads and extensions.  The Gimbal Mounting System is a great solution for sites with low overhead situations such as residential house lifts and installation of helical piles in obstructed areas,” Hoeger continued.

Torque Monitoring Solutions

DIGGA North America offers three solutions for operators to monitor helical pile installation torque including:

  • Pressure Differential Digital Gauge – measures usable hydraulic pressure; includes in-cab LED digital display
  • Torque Logic – calibrated pin that replaces OEM hood pin; 99% accuracy; includes wired in-cab display; data capture for torque, depth and inclination
  • Torque Hub – strain gauge hub that replaces Kelly Bar; 98% accurate; measures torque, inclination, RPM and crowd force; includes wireless in-cab display; digital data capturing for uploading and report generation

Click here to see torque measuring product brochures

For more information:

DIGGA North America

2325 Industrial Parkway SW

Dyersville, IA 52040