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DIGGA’s SD70 Supa Series Anchor Drive was a Real Workhorse for This (450) Helical Pile Project

by Doug Amerman

Summer, 2016

The project is a (315) unit apartment and condo development in Irondequoit Bay near Rochester, NY. Since the site was previously used as a fill site, some of the challenges that the contractor faced was the unpredictable soil caused by the presence of excessive fill and rubble.  Adding to the challenge was the presence of other sub-contractors that caused severe space restrictions on the site. Helical pipe piles manufactured by IDEAL Foundation Systems were selected by the installation contractor, CMI Structural Solutions of Ontario, NY.

CMI selected the Digga SD70 Supa Series Anchor Drive to install the (450) 5.50” diameter helical pipe piles due to the requirement for fast production and solid performance. The Digga SD70, with a theoretical torque rating of over 50,000 ft-lbs, was used to quickly drive the piles to depths of up to 65 ft. on the site.

To speed up the installation process, the installer equipped the SD70 with the Digga Ryno Cradle Mount that allowed the operator to angle the drive unit up to 90 degrees for faster installation.

To control the rapid decompression of oil at the completion of each pile install, the Digga SD70 was equipped with the company’s patented Anti Kick-Back Valve (ECR) to increase both the efficiency and the working life of the anchor drive.

Using the combination of the SD70 drive with the Ryno Hitch, the CMI crew gained significant benefits throughout the duration of the project with high torque performance and reduced installation times.


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